Clarkson Youth Soccer’s Music Store

Thank you for visiting Clarkson Youth Soccer’s Music Store where 100% of the profit margins go directly to our program budget and financial objectives. Clarkson Youth Soccer will be hosting its 12th Annual U16 Tournament this Fall and we are fundraising to help cover the costs of hosting over 48 teams from across the Southeast. Funding will be used to help cover the tournament events, BBQ, Banquet, bus travel and hotel subsidization costs.

To listen to the music on the respective titles, please visit Click on the scrolling marque to view the contents of the respective selections.

If you purchase two or more titles, the cost per unit will be reduced from $15.00 to $12.50 per unit. Most of the compilations feature over 20 songs.

Payments may be made online via credit card or PayPal, on our secure Check Out page. You will immediately receive a payment receipt and you will be notified when your CDs arrive.

Go to our Purchase CDs page.

We hope that you will purchase some music selections for your personal library or as Gifts. Thank you for your consideration and support.